Architecting Adelaide
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Ready to tap into the wisdom of the Southern Hemisphere? It’s time to audibly travel to Australia for architect-level SharePoint guidance. On this episode, we hear from three IT Pro experts from the Aussie community – specifically the Adelaide Microsoft IT Pro Community: Brett Moffet (Cireson), Matt Cline (Data#3), and Andrew O'Young (Subnet). You’ll hear their approach to solutions – from managing a hybrid deployment, to migrating to the cloud at scale, and recommendations for IT Pros “to learn more and get certified.” You’ll walk away with a nice set of new best practices, opinions, and three new mates. Click here for this episode's corresponding blog post.   SharePoint Facebook | @SharePoint | SharePoint Community Blog | Feedback Mark Kashman | @mkashman [co-host] Chris McNulty | @cmcnulty2000 [co-host] Brett Moffett | LinkedIn | Twitter [guest] Matt Cline | LinkedIn | Twitter [guest] Andrew O’Young | LinkedIn | Twitter [guest] Resources: Microsoft Docs - The home for Microsoft documentation for end users, developers, and IT professionals.  Microsoft Tech Community Home Stay on top of Office 365 changes Discover and follow other Microsoft podcasts at Planned events in 2022: Enterprise Connect (Mar.21-24.2022, Orlando, FL) Teams Nation 2022 (Mar.23.2022) CollabDays - Cologne (Mar.2022 - no specific day announced yet) DSF22 (April 4-6.2022, Chicago, IL) Microsoft 365 Conference (in-person, Apr.5-7.2022, Las Vegas, NV) AIIM 2022 (Apr.27-29, Denver, CO) SEF 2022 (planned for in-person with a few sessions delivered virtually, May.4-5.2022, Sweden) 365 EduCon (May.9-12.2022, Seattle, WA)   Listen to and follow The Intrazone at
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