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Get ready to be a learn-it-all! On this episode, Chris and Mark chat with their peers from the Microsoft Viva Learning team, Andrea Lum and John Mighell. Viva Learning removes traditional obstacles paving pathways to learning culture success. They cover the demands of "enterprise learning," upskilling within Microsoft Teams, connecting 3rd-party content sources (Coursera, Harvard Business Publishing, Pluralsight, Skillsoft, to name a few), and a peek at what comes next. Time to get schooled on The Intrazone. Click here for this episode's corresponding blog post. Andrea Lum | LinkedIn | Twitter [guest] John Mighell | LinkedIn | Twitter [guest] Mark Kashman |@mkashman [co-host] Chris McNulty |@cmcnulty2000 [co-host] SharePoint | @SharePoint | SharePoint community blog | Provide feedback Microsoft Viva Learning | @Microsoft365 | Website | Viva community blog | Provide feedback "Viva Learning news and feature update" March 8th, 2022 by John Mighell Learn more about Viva Learning: Microsoft Docs - The home for Microsoft documentation for end users, developers, and IT professionals.  Microsoft Tech Community Home Stay on top of Office 365 changes Discover and follow other Microsoft podcasts at Upcoming Events: Build 2022 (May.24-26.2022 | Virtual) Thrive Conference (May.24-25.2022 | Slovenia) Microsoft Inspire 2022 (Virtual) (July 19-20, 2022) 365 EduCon - Dallas (Aug. 8-12, 2022) Microsoft Lists workshop [on-demand] Subscribe to and follow The Intrazone at
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Published 06/16/22
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