New Opportunity: Why Nostalgia is not just a thing of the past, but the present!
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Hootie and the Blowfish is not my favorite band. However, their song “Fine Line” transports me back to a trip with my family twenty years ago. It’s a favorite, not because of how it sounds but how it makes me feel. This nostalgic feeling makes me like the song more. In this episode, we explore how evoking customers’ memories that inspire nostalgia can do the same for your Customer Experience. Associating your offering with what customers are remembering can help the happy spill over onto your brand.
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I started Beyond Philosophy 20 years ago when Customer Experience was the next big thing; the new concept that was going to change everything in business. The last big thing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), was old news. After all, everyone had one at that point.  Now, in 2022, I see the...
Published 01/22/22
The metaverse. It is supposed to be a digital world. Some say it will combine social media and virtual reality (VR), like a more complex VR chat. Some say it will be the next level of online interaction where anything can happen. Others are confused by what it is and what it means. Some call it...
Published 01/19/22