The Trouble with Bubbles
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Liz Claman, anchor of The Claman Countdown on Fox Business News, joins the show to talk about what’s different about the mania around ‘meme’ stocks this time compared to other market bubbles, and what worries her most about the current climate for investors. Plus, the U.S. labor market is caught in a supply vs. demand conundrum, and it is holding the full economic recovery back. What can be done to fix it. All that, and the investing term the educated investor needs to know this week.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
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Published 07/26/21
Maureen Farrell of the Wall Street Journal and co-author of "The Cult of We", joins the show to unpack how the unicorn office rental/real estate company went from one of the most valued private companies on the planet to near collapse under the leadership of its cult-like leader, Adam Neumann....
Published 07/19/21