U.S. Senate ‘Banking’ on Climate Spending Extravaganza | J. Isaac (TPPF)
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Jason Isaac, the director of the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Life:Powered initiative, discusses his testimony before the U.S. Senate protesting the creation of a “National Climate Bank.” The bank would give handouts to U.S. and foreign “green” businesses, backed by the taxpayer, set up an uneven regulatory playing field, and guarantee zero environmental benefits. Next, a video by Texas Public Policy Foundation reveals that some candidates in Texas have hired-operatives to threaten voters that essential services will end if they do not vote the right way. These people are known as “politiqueros,” and they are being reined in by the new Texas voting law.  Then, a new video by Mark Mathis from Clear Energy Alliance demonstrates how   climate change has devolved into “moral panic,” such that fear of the problem distorts debate and causes more damage than the problem itself.   Next, Jacki shares good news about a company called 2ndVote Advisers. Its mission is to offer investment strategies for clients who want to avoid being forced or deceived into supporting “woke” corporations.  Finally, the cost of bad energy policy hits close to home. Jacki tells a personal story about her family in Appalachia and skyrocketing energy bills hitting lower income Americans.
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