Taking on Woke CEOs; TX Boycotts Those Who Boycott Oil & Gas | Guests: S. Shepard; J. Isaac (TPPF)
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Scott Shepard is attending board meetings at some of the largest corporations and publicly challenging their unprincipled virtue signaling. Shepard, the deputy director of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project, shares how he questioned Bank of America at its shareholder meeting: How can it oppose voter ID, while requiring individuals to show their ID to withdraw money or attend its board meetings?  In Twitter’s shareholder meeting, Shephard asked CEO Jack Dorsey: How can Twitter censor someone for questioning election integrity, but let terrorist regimes spread their hate on its platform? Shepard discloses their responses on this episode. Then, the director of Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Life:Powered initiative, Jason Isaac, celebrates two huge legislative victories in Texas that could be replicated across the country. First, if banks refuse to lend to Texas oil and gas companies, the state will not do business with them, stripping woke banks of billions in business. Sixteen state treasurers have announced that they intend do the same for their states, making a significant impact on the bottom lines of major banks. Second, Texas taxpayers will get to keep billions rather than be forced to give green energy companies corporate welfare in exchange for “green” jobs … that often never materialized.
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