Fighting Biden and the EPA to Protect Crucial Energy Jobs | Guests: Morrisey, Freeman, Masters
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WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey updates Jacki on the states’ legal efforts to resist the Biden EPA. Morrisey and 18 other Attorneys General are petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to limit the EPA’s reach because its policies are killing jobs in energy-rich states - particularly 36 states that produce fossil fuels. Then, fellow Blaze host Kevin Freeman from the Economic War Room talks about ESG (“Environmental, Social and Governance”) investment criteria and how banks, financial institutions and pension funds are playing politics with our money, including our pension funds, backed by the taxpayer. Then, Jacki speaks with “Dutch Masters,” CEO of Carnivore Trading. This unique company offers raw, un-woke analysis of investment opportunities to subscribers. Note: Carnivore is not a brokerage, does not sell securities, and it does not execute trades or manage money. Carnivore investors share their thoughts on the market, revealing what trades its leaders are making, so investors can mirror their strategies if they choose.
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