368-Tips for Controlling Deer and Other Nuisance Wildlife-Encore Presentation
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Controlling deer is a challenge for many gardeners, whether they have ornamental gardens or are raising vegetables, not to mention rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs, raccoons, moles and voles. To explore the most effective ways to control nuisance wildlife, I spoke with wildlife damage management specialist Marne Titchenell, who shared her advice on which deterrents work and which are just wishful thinking. Podcast Links for Show notes Download my free eBook 5 Steps to Your Best Garden Ever - the 5 most important steps anyone can do to have a thriving garden or landscape. It’s what I still do today, without exception to get incredible results, even in the most challenging conditions. Subscribe to the joegardener® email list to receive weekly updates about new podcast episodes, seasonal gardening tips, and online gardening course announcements. Check out The joegardener® Online Gardening Academy for our growing library of organic gardening courses. Follow joegardener® on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, and subscribe to The joegardenerTV YouTube channel.
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