Presenting the EAC Network: Empower, Assist, and Care Is Their Motto!!! - Trailer
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EAC Network  reached an important milestone: 50 years of uninterrupted service to those in need within our local communities! We continue to see a dramatic need from vulnerable populations coming to us for help. Our professional staff and dedicated volunteers respond by providing help to Empower, Assist, and Care for individuals in crisis. Tune in on Thursday, May 6th, at 5AM to hear their story!!! --- Support this podcast:
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The Sunshine Alternative Education and Prevention Center (, founded in 1992. It is a true grass-roots organization that formed from the personal experiences of its 2 co-founders, Dr. Carol Carter and Ms. Tamara Pelosi. Their collective desire was to help...
Published 09/30/21
The thought that our children were being faced with so many more challenges (Violence, Substance Abuse, Peer Pressures, Divorce, Bullying & Teasing….) was the motivation behind the founding of Sunshine in 1992. Today Sunshine is a respected leader in the field of prevention (substance abuse...
Published 09/24/21
The Honorable Legislator Kara Hahn, MSW - Representing the 5th Legislative District of Suffolk County, NY.  Legislator Hahn is the National Association of Social Workers(NASW) NYS Chapter 2020 “Public Elected Official of the Year” Kara Hahn( the Suffolk County...
Published 09/09/21