Episode 107 - C and L, It Started with The Heels
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Every once in a while, I encounter a couple who I find utterly fascinating, and C and L are one of those couples. Theirs is a story of long-term love and discovery. What started out as a high school romance has evolved into a long term committed marriage, raising of children and making their cuckold/FLR dynamic a fixture in their lives. I’m happy that they were willing to come on the show and let me be nosey. Enjoy.
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Published 05/27/22
I am happy to bring you another installment of my China Shop series. In this installment I am joined by Ron, a longtime friend from Boston. I ran into Ron at Splash Mocha in Atlanta and we decided to jump on and talk all about his journey into the lifestyle. A journey that I learned had a very...
Published 05/14/22
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