Episode 105 - Lupe Shares His OnlyFans Wisdom
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For anyone who is either thinking about getting involved with OnlyFans or currently doing so, this is a must listen. I connected with my good friend Lupe (husband of the sexy and incredible Micha from Ep. 48) at Splash Mocha in Atlanta and he came on and dropped so much knowledge about what it takes to have a successful OnlyFans. Lupe and Micha on Twitter - @LupeMicha
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In March of this year I attended Splash Mocha in Atlanta and when I arrived, my brother Mr. Mocha invited me to stay at his home before the event started. We sat up one night and had a discussion about what couples can do to identify and attract good Bulls. Please listen to hear what we had to...
Published 06/10/22
Published 06/10/22
Every once in a while, I encounter a couple who I find utterly fascinating, and C and L are one of those couples. Theirs is a story of long-term love and discovery. What started out as a high school romance has evolved into a long term committed marriage, raising of children and making their...
Published 05/27/22