In this episode of The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo, Neal Henderson and Dr. Jinger Gottschall delve into the difference between flat and uphill cycling. They discuss the challenges of collecting accurate data in outdoor riding environments and the current methodologies used in lab settings. Dr. J and Sir Neal explore various factors such as joint angles, muscle activity, seat position, cadence, and posture that impact the cycling experience. They also address the primary sources of resistance,...
Published 08/03/23
Published 08/03/23
Join hosts Jeff Hoobler and Dr. Jinger Gottschall in this episode of The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo as they delve into the benefits of isometric bodyweight training. Explore the difference between isometric and isotonic exercises, and discover how isometric training can be a game-changer for novices, individuals with limited resources or injuries, and even seasoned fitness enthusiasts. Jeff and Jinger share the findings of their research, highlighting the effectiveness of isometric training...
Published 07/14/23
In this episode of The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo, hosts Neal Henderson and Jeff Hoobler discuss the importance of sprint training for endurance athletes. They highlight the benefits of sprinting, including improved efficiency and muscle recruitment, managing rapid accelerations, and enhancing overall cycling performance. Jeff and Neal delve into the specific components of sprint training, such as cadence and force, and emphasize the need for coordination and speed development. They provide...
Published 07/05/23
Welcome to The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo, hosted by Jinger Gottschall and Mac Cassin. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of performance determination, focusing on the intersection of physiology, biomechanics, and the often-overlooked aspect of the brain. Discover how mental fatigue affects endurance exercise and high-intensity activities, and learn about the psycho-biological model that explains the brain's role in performance. We delve into the lobes of the brain, such as the...
Published 06/23/23
In this episode of The Knowledge Podcast, Dr. Jinger Gottschall, Director of Sports Science Research, and TKP Producer Eddie Rogers dive into the topic of lunges and their benefits for cyclists. They discuss how lunges activate the muscles involved in the pedal stroke, making them an ideal exercise for cyclists. Dr. Gottschall provides insights into the proper technique for static lunges, emphasizing the significance of knee health and muscle activation. She also explores dynamic lunges,...
Published 06/09/23
Welcome to The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo! In this episode, we delve into the intricacies of bike fitting, exploring how mobility and strength directly impact the perfect bike fit. Join your host, Neal Henderson and Jeff Hoobler as they uncover the secrets to achieving a functional and tailored bike fit that goes beyond the basics. From cervical mobility and posterior chain strength for road and time trial riders to rotational movements, upper body strength, and core stability for mountain...
Published 05/26/23
Join hosts Neal Henderson and Jeff Hoobler on an epic journey as they delve into the grueling world of the 2023 Giro d'Italia.
Published 05/12/23
Join host Neal Henderson on The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo as he shares practical tips and ideas for making structured training work for you.
Published 05/05/23
In this episode of "The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo," Jeff Hoobler and Neal Henderson discuss the four key elements of successful endurance training - consistency, purpose, progression, and recovery.
Published 04/28/23
Welcome to The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo, where we talk about everything that gives us a buzz. Today, we're diving into the world of energy drinks and energy shots, also known as liquid candy for adults. We'll be discussing how caffeine, guarana, ginseng, and taurine can give you wings, but too much sugar will give you a crash worse than a skydiving disaster. So, buckle up and hold on tight, because we're about to take you on a sugar rush you won't forget!
Published 04/21/23
In this episode of The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo, Hosts Neal Henderson and Jeff Hoobler provide expert advice on how to transition your indoor cycling skills to the great outdoors. They cover everything from checking your equipment to refreshing your riding skills and matching your workouts with the terrain. Plus, they remind listeners to have fun and not take themselves too seriously. So, grab your helmet and get ready to pedal your way to outdoor cycling success
Published 04/07/23
In this episode of The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo, hosts Jinger Gottschall and Mac Cassin explore the age-old question of whether to load or not to load on carbs, water, and bicarb before exercise. They discuss the benefits and limitations of carbohydrate-loading, including how it can increase both muscle and liver glycogen, essential fuel stores for sustained high-intensity exercise.
Published 03/24/23
Join hosts Mac Cassin and Jeff Hoobler on another exciting episode of The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo. As Senior Strength Research Scientist, Jeff is an expert in the field of strength training, while Mac brings his experience in health and fitness to the table. Today, they will wrap up their discussion on strength training by providing practical advice on how to put all the information together.
Published 03/17/23
Tune in to The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo for a special episode featuring Mac and Jinger as they reveal the top three mistakes to avoid when it comes to nutrition during long training rides or races.
Published 03/10/23
In this episode of The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo, join us as we explore the topic of achieving work-life balance. Our hosts, Neal Henderson, head of Wahoo Sports Science, and Sophie Linn, the best designer at Wahoo, share their personal experiences and insights on how they balance their demanding work and training schedules while still finding time for other aspects of their lives.
Published 03/02/23
Dr. Jinger Gottschall, Director of Sports Science Research, talks about the "pose-itive" side of yoga in this episode of The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo. From the six popular yoga styles to recent research findings, Dr. Gottschall shares insights on how yoga can benefit your physical, mental, and emotional health. Don't miss out on this enlightening episode unless you want to "downward dog" your own progress.
Published 02/23/23
In this episode of The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo, Senior Strength Research Scientist Jeff Hoobler and Head of Wahoo Sports Science Neal Henderson discuss the importance of loaded strength training for endurance athletes. They explain the various benefits of loaded strength training, such as increasing the integrity of connective tissue and bone density, and describe how to apply it to endurance training in a smart and effective way. The podcast also covers key movements and exercises that...
Published 02/16/23
In episode 72 of The Knowledge by Wahoo, you will gain a deeper understanding of how your muscles work and how to optimize your strength training routines for maximum results. From the anatomy of a lift to the role of nutrition, this podcast provides in-depth analysis and practical tips to help listeners take their strength training to the next level.
Published 02/08/23
"Fueling the Ride: A weight loss journey for cyclists, where Dr. Jinger Gottschall and Coach Jeff Hoobler share the latest research, strategies, insights, and tips to fuel your body for weight loss and peak performance while cycling."
Published 01/26/23
In this episode of the Knowledge by Wahoo, we discuss the topic of goal setting, specifically whether it is possible to set goals that are too big, too many, too intense, or too challenging. Coach Neal Henderson and Dr. Jinger Gottschall review the concept of SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) and discuss how to set goals that are challenging but still achievable.
Published 01/17/23
In this final episode of 2022 Coach Mac Cassin and Coach Jeff Hoobler bring the fun back with Switching it up! How riding off-road, on the trail, pump track, or even on a unicycle can improve your overall skill level if your main discipline is road riding and racing.
Published 12/30/22
You're Not My Type! In this episode of The Knowledge Podcast Coach Jeff Hoobler and Dr. Jinger Gottchall talk about muscle fiber types and how your personal muscle fiber matrix may influence your rider type. Learn the difference between slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fiber types and how to implement "Above Threshold" training technics to improve your performance.
Published 12/23/22
What is the best way to train when it comes to Altitude? Live high, train low? Live low and race high? In Part 2 of our Riding at Altitude series, Coach Mac and Dr. Jinger discuss nutrition and training applications to help you maximize your power and speed outputs while racing and training at any altitude.
Published 12/16/22
Hosts Dr. Jinger Gotschall and Mac Cassin dive into the basics of altitude. The Definition, long-term responses, short-term responses, submaximal and maximum intensities. And then finally, a few strategies for training.
Published 12/07/22