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On today's broadcast, we're discussing the five trends that will blow your mind! We're digging into skipping school for pride month, kids in the capital being forced to cease singing the dangerous US National anthem, the FBI suggesting a need for domestic terror laws to silence critics of gender ideology, and much more.
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The secret to having success in your life is to be led by your spirit, but how do you do that? Listen to your spirit? You already have an advantage as a believer because your spirit augments you, and as long as you listen to it, you'll only do what's right. Check out this vital broadcast to learn...
Published 10/01/23
Published 09/30/23
This episode discusses explosive new evidence of fraud in the 2020 election from Fulton County, Georgia. A top election lawyer reveals how over 1100 pages of affidavits and data were blocked from being presented in court. Find out what really happened and how citizens can work to protect election...
Published 09/30/23