Mae Whitman: ‘Arrested Development’ to ‘Up Here’
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Mae Whitman has been a professional actor since she was two years old. But nothing she has done over the course of her career prepared her for how terrifying it would feel to bare her soul through song in the new musical rom-com ‘Up Here,’ streaming now on Hulu. In this episode, Whitman looks back on acting with George Clooney in ‘One Fine Day,’ Sandra Bullock in ‘Hope Floats,’ David Schwimmer on ‘Friends’ and more as a small child before making the transition to grown-up TV star on ‘Parenthood,’ ‘Good Girls,’ and now ‘Up Here.’ She also shares stories from the set of ‘Arrested Development,’ where she received a comedy master class playing Ann Veal (“her?”) opposite Michael Cera. Follow Mae Whitman on Twitter @maebirdwing and Instagram @mistergarf Follow Matt Wilstein on Twitter @mattwilstein Follow The Last Laugh on Instagram @lastlaughpod Highlights from this episode and others at The Daily Beast Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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