‘The Daily Show’s’ Lewis Black Returns!
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After 27 years as a contributor on ‘The Daily Show,’ Lewis Black is finally getting the chance to host. While the comedian candidly admits that it took Comedy Central long enough to give him a call, he is set to take the reins as guest host for the week of June 20th. In his return to the podcast, Black drops his angry persona and reflects on his comedic legacy. He also talks about why he called his latest stand-up special ‘Tragically, I Need You’—available to stream today on YouTube—and weighs in on misplaced conservative outrage over Bud Light and Fox News’ decision to fire “a*****e” Tucker Carlson.  Watch Lewis Black’s new special ‘Tragically, I Need You’ on YouTube Follow Lewis Black on Twitter @TheLewisBlack and Instagram @thelewisblack Follow Matt Wilstein on Twitter @mattwilstein Follow The Last Laugh on Instagram @lastlaughpod Highlights from this episode and others at The Daily Beast Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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