Defendant Trump: Donald Trump is now under three criminal investigations
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Tonight on the Last Word: The New York attorney general has been investigating the personal taxes of the Trump Organization for months. Also, 35 House Republicans join Democrats in voting for the January 6th Commission. Plus, Republicans roadblock efforts to hold Donald Trump accountable. And Rep. Katie Porter introduces a bill to help single-parent families benefit from expanded child tax credit. Andrew Weissmann, Tim O’Brien, Rep. Jason Crow, John Heilemann, Jennifer Palmieri and Rep. Katie Porter join Lawrence O’Donnell.
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Tonight on the Last Word: The Senate votes to advance the bipartisan infrastructure bill 67-32. Also, the Washington Post reports that Donald Trump called his acting attorney general almost daily to pressure the Justice Department to investigate the 2020 election. And a Trump-endorsed candidate...
Published 07/29/21
Tonight on the Last Word: Officers recount the physical, psychological violence experienced at the hands of the Trump mob. Also, the Justice Department refuses to defend GOP Rep. Mo Brooks in the Jan. 6 lawsuit brought by Rep. Eric Swalwell. And more than 140 business executives urge Congress to...
Published 07/28/21