Biden vows to take action as the battle over voting rights looms nationwide
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Tonight on the Last Word: Texas Democrats plead with Congress to pass voting protections as Republicans restrict voting access. Also, four more Oath Keepers have been accused of conspiracy in relation to the Jan. 6 insurrection. Plus, President Biden sets an early June deadline to reach a deal with Republicans on infrastructure. And Biden honors the victims of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Julián Castro, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, Daniel Alonso, Jennifer Palmieri, Eddie Glaude, Caleb Gayle and Jelani Cobb join Lawrence O’Donnell.
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Tonight on the Last Word: Colin Powell, the first Black U.S. secretary of state, dies of Covid-19 complications. And Donald Trump is deposed for the first time since becoming president. Valerie Jarrett, David Plouffe, John Heilemann, Jonathan Alter and Theodore Boutrous join Lawrence O’Donnell.
Published 10/19/21
Tonight on the Last Word: Heather Raymond, the President of the School Board in Nashua, New Hampshire, joins Zerlina Maxwell to describe the harassment she has faced from white nationalists. Rep. Madeleine Dean and Journalist Anna Marie Cox join to discuss the permissive structure that Donald...
Published 10/16/21
Tonight on the Last Word: The Jan. 6 Select Committee is threatening criminal contempt, jail time and fines to enforce subpoenas. Also, Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo debunks myths about President Biden’s tax enforcement plan. Plus, the White House urges Democrats to strike a deal on the...
Published 10/15/21