Senate GOP obstructs Biden agenda, threatens economy
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Tonight on the Last Word: Democrats are working to pass voting rights and lift the debt limit. Also, four Trump allies face a Thursday subpoena deadline. Plus, President Biden promotes the economic agenda in Michigan. And a California beach is returned to a family after 97 years. Adam Jentleson, Michelle Goldberg, Jelani Cobb, Daniel Goldman, Rep. Debbie Dingell and CA Sen. Steven Bradford join Lawrence O’Donnell.
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Tonight on the Last Word: President Biden reiterates the need to vaccinate the world. Also, Biden meets with retailers to discuss holiday shopping supply chain issues. Plus, the Supreme Court considers a legal challenge to Roe v. Wade. The January 6th Committee moves forward on a possible...
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Tonight on the Last Word: A nearly all-white jury convicts three men of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder. Also, Rep. Vicente Gonzalez discusses the Biden agenda’s impact on Latinx communities. Plus, Democrats look to bolster their support among Latino voters ahead of 2022. And the conservative right hails...
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