Biden White House rejects Trump’s executive privilege claim
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Tonight on the Last Word: Defying Jan. 6 subpoenas may mean criminal charges. Also, a Florida school board member describes the “credible threats’ of violence made against her for supporting masks. And the House Oversight Committee finds that Donald Trump provided “misleading information” about his Washington, D.C. hotel’s financial situation. Jill Wine-Banks, Matt Miller, Jennifer Jenkins, Alex Wagner, Zerlina Maxwell and Walter Shaub join Lawrence O’Donnell.
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Tonight on the Last Word: A manhunt is underway for the parents of the Michigan school shooting suspect after charges were filed against them. Also, cases of rape and incest are not discussed during Supreme Court abortion arguments. And the labor force participation rate is the highest since...
Published 12/04/21
Tonight on the Last Word: President Biden announces a new Covid policy as omicron spreads. Also, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper discusses how the infrastructure law provides funding for his state’s bridges, public transportation and broadband access. Plus, a Senate report finds Donald Trump’s...
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