Lo's Mama Uncensored: Anger Is One Letter Shy Of Danger
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She is the highest downloaded episode and hands down the most popular guest of the Lo Life podcast, but the elusive queen is hard to book on the show. She is shy, private and getting her on the podcast is not an easy task. Lo decides to take matters into his own hands and records his phone conversation with his mama. She had no idea Lo was recording their phone conversation and her reaction is priceless. After much convincing, she agreed to allow Lo to share the audio on the show. The Lo Lifers are now in for a mothers day treat! You will be a fly on the wall as Lo shares his candid conversation with the queen. She opens up about her philosophy on parenting, the ups and downs of motherhood and her mission to rewrite her life script and break the toxic cycle of child abuse, substance abuse and violence that she endured in her early life. She shares her 4 fundamental cornerstones of parenting and the reason behind her unconventional approach when it came to raising young Lo. Parenting isn't easy and Lo has the eye opening revelation that maybe he wasn't the dream child he'd envisioned himself to be. The Queen shares her experiences dealing with a problematic adolescent Lo who had his fair share of tantrums. Her patience was definitely tested. The two speak openly about their one of a kind mother-son relationship and the strong bond that has grown into a beautiful friendship based in respect, love and honesty. This episode is filled with laughs, learning lessons and golden nuggets of wisdom that will leave you with a full heart and a smile on your face. Please be sure to rate, follow, review, and send to a friend so we can keep this sh!t show on the road, kings and kweens! Follow your host Lo on Instagram @stylelvr and make sure to drink some water... we know you’re thirsty.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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