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The central act of faithfulness of the Christian life is Holy Communion, eating and drinking the Holy Eucharist. What are its Biblical roots? Is it derived from the Jewish Seder? Was the Reformation right about the Eucharist not being a sacrifice? And just how is bread and wine Christ’s Body and Blood? Fr. Stephen De Young and Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick continue their series on the Holy Mysteries by taking a close look at the greatest of all the sacraments.
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Is marriage a merely human institution? Does it exist outside the Church? What does the rite actually do? Continuing their series on the holy mysteries of the Church, Fr. Stephen De Young and Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick examine the Biblical texts on marriage.
Published 01/27/23
Confession of sins is mentioned throughout the Scriptures and practiced by the Orthodox Church. But is a priest really necessary for this practice? What happens if he withholds forgiveness? Did God really give that kind of authority to sinful clergy? Can’t we just confess alone to God at home?...
Published 01/13/23
Published 01/13/23