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While most Necron live within the confines of the Dynastic Courts, there are some that don't fit, conform, or belong with the other Necron. They sit on the fringes of the Necron hierarchy, creating their own twisted courts, attempting to claim a semblance of normalcy. Some of these Necron are insane, infected by virus' more ancient and misunderstood than any sickness today. Others are completely rational and have formed guilds or clans that owe allegiance to no Dynasty; no master commands them. In this episode we'll discuss the Necron that exist outside of the Dynastic powers, whether by choice, or by expulsion. Joining us for this episode is James!
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What a whirlwind of an episode! We interview Black Library author Graham McNeil, as well as introduce you to a few members of our discord. You'll want to pay attention as well, since some serious news gets dropped! Enjoy Lorehammer's 100th episode! Support this podcast at —...
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A journey 40,000 years in the making. From His humble beginnings born in distant humanities past, to His rise and ascension as the God-Saviour of mankind, the Emperor’s history is shrouded in mystery. His powers are transcendent. His intellect is unmatched. His goal; to protect and secure...
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