#12 - What Are Index Funds & Why They Beat Active Funds With @mrmoneyjar
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Timi from @mrmoneyjar becomes the first person to make his second appearance on The Making Money Simple Podcast to discuss all things index funds. Timi starts us off with the basics and breaks down exactly what index funds are, before we move onto discussing the pros and cons of using index funds when investing. Ultimately, index funds 'track the market' and are low cost in comparison to active funds that try to 'beat the market' and are higher fee. Aside from this pro, other pros include that index funds are very passive and hands-off investments with the goal being to buy consistently, and buy and hold for the long term, to one day live off of our investments.  We move onto discuss index funds vs active funds in more detail, drawing on Jack Bogle's wisdom from The Little Book of Common Sense Investing which showed that over a 45+ year period 80% of active funds didn't only not beat the market... they no longer existed.  Listen to the full episode as we discuss index funds and active funds in detail and explain why index funds are the easiest, and arguably the best, way to invest for the long term.
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