Comedian/writer JOHAN MIRANDA joins TMG to discuss Willow Smith, Danzig, and drinking milk when the world gets your down
Published 05/03/21
Comedian GEORGIA BROOKS is our guest on this week's THE MALE GAZE!!!
Published 04/26/21
Its 4/20 on Tuesday. Take a load off and rip a bong hit for your boys :)
Published 04/19/21
Okay, so it looks like Matt Gaetz is GOING DOWN. DMX Rest In Peace
Published 04/12/21
Matt Gaetz...not SO GREAT. Plus, immigration. 
Published 04/05/21
Comedian KATE WILLETT (Dirtbag Anthropology, Reply Guys) joins The Male GAze to discuss big-ass boat, Mitch O'Farrel is a loser, and the death of Middleditch-Karp!
Published 03/29/21
Journalist CERISE CASTLE (Vice, LA Times)joins us to discuss her new series "A Tradition of Violence: the History of Deputy Gangs in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department" available NOW over at KNOCK LA!
Published 03/22/21
No Mo Andrew Cuomo
Published 03/15/21
Space Jam this 1.9 Trillion Dollar Stimulus package
Published 03/08/21
You say Potato, I say Potato. Let's Bomb the Middle-East!
Published 03/01/21
Yo, Ted Cruz, your kids hate you
Published 02/22/21
Comedian RHEA BUTCHER joins the Steve, Brodie, and ASW to discuss impeachment, Chappelle, and Britney Spears. It's a DOOZY!
Published 02/15/21
From stolen fried chicken to the racist Golden Globes, the MG4 got you COVERED!
Published 02/08/21
Comedian ERIN LAMPART joins the Boys to discuss STOCKS+ JOCKS+ and kissing your friend on television (as a joke)
Published 02/01/21
$1400 dollars is not $2000 and goodbye to Armie Hammer!
Published 01/18/21
Democrats won Georgia. B**** better have my money
Published 01/11/21
Happy New Year!!! Alec Baldwin's wife is a liar, Rushmore is a perfect movie, and Steve got married!!!!
Published 01/04/21
Will Tom Cruise tear the MG4 apart? The surprising answer? YES
Published 12/21/20
Dude...episode 69:) Plus, these fools are TOO OLD to be in the Senate
Published 12/14/20
Comedian JAY JURDEN (the Tonight Show, Comedy Central) joins The Boys to discuss the Michigan Recount Fiasco featuring Rudy Guiliani's FART, Melissa Carone, and Matthew McConaughey and Russell Brand getting lost up each other's ass. And polyamory! Please pick up Jay Jurden's album "Y'all" on I-Tunes and check him out on Twitter at @JayJurden and Instagram at @jayjurden!
Published 12/07/20
Don't you hate when you have to quit your job because you accidentally take a dump on Zoom? Plus, ANOTHER LOCKDOWN
Published 11/30/20
The MG4 discuss Kamala Harris and her best friend Lindsay Graham and White Actors absolutely going off the rails on this week's The Male Gaze!!!
Published 11/23/20
Yo Gavin Newsom, put your damn kids back in PUBLIC SCHOOL! Plus, RIP Alex Trebek, the Creek and The Cave, and Jason+Olivia!!!!
Published 11/16/20
The MG4 talk about the Fallout from the Election. We think it's over...for now
Published 11/09/20
The MG4 limp their way to November 3rd with a giant discussion the ethics of pranks, the Kardashians BLOW IT again, Mulaney on the loose, and of course, polyamory! PLUS, We jam Brodie's new song at the end of the episode!
Published 11/02/20