Published 05/14/21
The final episode of our Humanizing Marketing series looks at how digital engagement will evolve in the years ahead. Hosts Marty Kihn and Tina Rozul chat with Salesforce futurists, Vala Afshar and Brian Solis about the role of trust in customer relationships. We also dig into "Atomic Content Personalization" with Mark Abraham of Boston Consulting Group. Listen in to find out if your organization is ready for what's coming our way. LINK: Learn more about Atomic Content...
Published 05/14/21
We won't fulfill the promise of artificial intelligence and machine learning without a robust discussion about the ethics of it all. As marketers start to use AI tools day-to-day, it's essential to understand the origin of bias in AI and machine learning models and how to mitigate the harm to your customers and to your business. In this episode, hosts Tina Rozul and Marty Kihn chat with Sheila Warren of the World Economic Forum. Sheila pinpoints the sources of bias and how organizations can...
Published 04/29/21
Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in Marketing more and more every day. In episode 4 of our Humanizing Marketing series, Tina Rozul and Marty Kihn demystify what happens behind the scenes of AI and machine learning. They sit down with Melinda Han Williams, Chief Data Scientist at Dstillery, to discuss the impact AI will have on personalized and empathetic marketing, including how it will evolve with privacy laws and what impact it will have on future marketing career paths. They...
Published 04/16/21
WordPress VIP CMO Joyce Solano joins us for Episode 3 of our Humanizing Marketing series. We'll cover how to connect with customers in ways that are authentic, genuine, and human. For Joyce, that means building a team filled with people who have a wide range of skills, just like the famous artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci. Listen in to learn more about how data and creativity intersect to build meaningful marketing moments. Presented in partnership with WordPress VIP.
Published 04/09/21
You can't achieve empathy and personalization at scale unless your data game is sound. In episode 2 of our Humanizing Marketing series, hosts Tina Rozul and Marty Kihn are joined by David Raab, founder of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) Institute, and Chris O'Hara, VP of Product Marketing at Salesforce. They discuss how organizations can create a unified customer profile with a CDP and the challenges that can be solved with a "single source of truth". This includes scaling personalization...
Published 04/02/21
Our new Marketing Cloudcast series explores the intersection of technology and human connection in brand messaging. Specifically, how do you build a data-driven model that delivers relevant, personalized messages to customers and prospects? In episode 1, hosts Tina Rozul and Marty Kihn are joined by Shannon Duffy, EVP of Digital 360 Marketing at Salesforce. They chat about why authenticity and empathy are crucial to marketing today, and the role of technology in making that happen at scale. 
Published 03/25/21
Hear from our guest Douglas Burdett, host of the Marketing Book Podcast who shares his 5 favorite books and must read list for 2021.  Also after interviewing 100+ marketers, Megan shares her key takeaways from being a host on the Marketing Cloudcast and time at Salesforce. She bids us adieu but you can stay in touch by tweeting to oher at @CollinsMeMegan and let @marketingcloud know your thoughts on this episode or ideas for a future topic.
Published 12/09/20
We're wrapping up our How to Speak ABM series with a quick recap. We brought on the whole podcast team for this one to share our key takeaways. We hope you enjoyed this series and we look forward to dropping a new one in the new year. Talk to you soon!
Published 11/21/20
Our new series demystifies the world of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). In our final episode, we bring in Jenifer Ho, Head of Business Growth Marketing and Marketing Operations at Lyft. We discuss the future of lead-generation and how Account Based Marketing fits in.  Resources: Blog: Trends From “State of Marketing” that Every B2B Marketer Should Know: https://sfdc.co/HOPUI
Published 11/13/20
Our new series demystifies the world of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). In episode 6, we bring in a 36 year industry veteran to discuss what ABM looks like in the manufacturing space. We discuss the cancelation of in person trade shows (an $18B industry) and how that has impacted lead generation, resulting in a new era we’re calling, the digital handshake. Guest: Lester McHargue, Executive Strategist, Manufacturing at Salesforce Resources: Data Sheet: State of Marketing Report for...
Published 11/05/20
Our new series demystifies the world of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). In episode 5, we take a peak into the relationship between Salesforce's marketing, sales and service teams. We then discuss a recent report from Boston Consulting Group that shows the benefits for companies who are moving towards an Account-Based Engagement approach. Guests:  Rob Archacki, Partner and Associate Director, B2B Marketing & Sales at BCG  Lisa Perry, Sr. Manager, 1:1 Enterprise ABM, Salesforce Cinzia...
Published 11/03/20
Our new series demystifies the world of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). In episode 4, we get an inside view of how an ABM program is executed through the lens of global solutions provider ATS, Advanced Technology Services. Guest: Sandra Marchand, Director of Marketing at ATS, Advanced Technology Services. Resources: The B2B Marketer's Guide to ABM - https://sfdc.co/bkNZ8zA Practical Approach to Designing Your ABM Strategy: https://sfdc.co/eN6Q1
Published 10/27/20
In this episode we’re discussing account anthropology where we’ll unpack what it takes to discover the accounts you want to target for your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) - looking at their pain points, deal size, and who's on their buying committee. Guests:  Daniel Englebretson - Co-founder and Head of Client Services at Khronos Neha Shah - Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce Pardot
Published 10/16/20
Our new series demystifies the world of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). In episode 2, we build on the fundamentals of ABM and talk about the data that's imperative to make your ABM plans successful.  Guests: Chris Golec, Founder of Demandbase  Jon Miller, Chief Product Officer at Demandbase Karen Holmgren, Senior Manager, Global Marketing Operation at Pitney Bowes Resources: Marketing and Your CRM: Better Together https://sfdc.co/ccgGm4  Marketing Intelligence Report -...
Published 10/08/20
Our new series demystifies the evolving B2B strategy called Account-Based Marketing (ABM). In episode 1, we introduce the fundamentals of ABM and explain how it's helping marketing and sales teams target accounts that are the best fit for potential business. Guests: Mike Kostow, GM Pardot at Salesforce Emma Chalwin, SVP Global Field Marketing at Salesforce Resources: The B2B Marketer's Guide to ABM: https://sfdc.co/crK9NC 6th State of Marketing Report: https://sfdc.co/p5LXG 
Published 10/01/20
We're wrapping up our Moment Makers series with a quick recap. We brought on the whole podcast team for this one. We hope you enjoyed this series and we look forward to dropping a new one in just a few weeks where we're talking all things ABM. Tune in as we demystify yet another marketing acronym. Talk to you soon!
Published 09/17/20
You have aspirations to be a marketing leader, but what do you need to do to get there? What skills should you develop to keep connecting with customers as technologies evolve? What are the moments you need to make in your career? Guests:   Thomas Barta - Author of The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader Rochelle Hinds - VP of social media at OneUnited Bank Karin Holmgren - Senior Manager Global Marketing Operations at Pitney Bowes Resources: The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader Book:...
Published 09/03/20
Today’s marketing leaders are faced with a big challenge. Their job is to ensure their team is creating these moments that resonate with customers, but this can't be done without the right pieces in place. How do you build a future-proof team Moment Makers? Tune in to find out! Guests: Jay Baer, Founder of Convince & Convert Sergio Alcocer, Founder of the Cultural Marketing Agency, Rest of the World Resources: Holiday Readiness Webinar featuring Jay Baer: https://sfdc.co/AjEd5...
Published 08/27/20
While the future may seem unpredictable, one constant is monitoring marketing ROI. A good understanding of ROI can help you optimize processes and build inspiring marketing moments over the long term. Tune into this episode to help narrow focus and prioritize the marketing moments that lead to success.
Published 08/20/20
We often hear the term “real-time personalization” but what does it really mean? And how can it help marketers create moments that truly resonate with customers? Join us for answers to these questions and more with expert marketers from Merkle and Reverie!  Guests: Jose Cebrian - Senior Vice President Marketing Strategy, Merkle Lisa Tan - Chief Marketing Officer, Reverie Deena Gardner Reverie - Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Reverie Resources:  Salesforce + Google...
Published 08/13/20
You've got the data - now what? In this episode, we unpack the complex world of data management and activation in order to create moments that surprise customers and offer experiences that truly matter. We’re talking with digital transformation veteran Vikalp Tandon, the Global President of Dentsu Commerce, to set the stage for what activation means in this new decade. We’re also diving into an interesting marketing role with Rahul Kak, Executive Director of Behavior Change Marketing at CVS...
Published 08/06/20
Data is the key to creating great customer experiences. And with a great amount of data comes great responsibility. In this episode Elyse Blouin, Sr. Director Digital Marketing at Lowe’s discusses how to be clever (and not creepy) when creating marketing moments. We can’t talk about data and not cover how to keep it secure, so we asked two security experts at Salesforce, Saikat Saha and Miku Konsolas, to walk us through how marketers can be more mindful of protecting data and complying with...
Published 07/30/20
This is the first episode of our newest series, Moment Makers. Where we're focusing on the current state of the customer experience. Fun fact, did you know humans now have a smaller attention span than a goldfish? Our jobs are getting harder by marketers, and customer expectations are at an all time high. Marketers are under pressure to understand their customers and deliver memorable experiences. There’s power to creating a marketing moment – and it doesn’t happen by accident. In this...
Published 07/23/20
In this episode we brought on our entire podcast squad including producers Sachin Shenolikar and Conor Wiegmann. We discuss our learnings from the past 2 months and highlight our favorite parts of the Leading Through Change mini series. We'll also tease out our upcoming series called Moment Makers. Stay tuned for more marketing conversations very soon!
Published 06/10/20