Ali Zeck: From Suicide to Inner Peace - Healing and Evolving Through Trauma and Chaos
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Ali Zeck is a health and medical freedom advocate sharing her story and experience with the world in order to educate and liberate people from the dangers of Big Pharma drugs and help them to tune into their own power. Become a member and support he show here 👉 After being placed on psychiatric drugs for over 20 years and being told she was mentally ill with multiple psychiatric hospital stays and Suicide attempts, she has found ultimate peace by coming off all of the drugs, healing her trauma and adopting a holistic lifestyle. Ali Zeck’s amazing healing journey Trauma Bonding The difference between grief and depression Transmuting grief and pain Catching yourself before you get into ruts Know that you are protected Getting into alignment Asking God for help We have been trained in victim consciousness We have to take responsibility The boogeyman who controls your emotions Fear as a motivator If it doesn’t make me feel empowered it’s a lie Transmuting pain Forgiveness Evil succeeds when good men do something The importance of law Luciferian Inverse System How to deal with verbal abuse How to communicate with family The power of words Words cast spells Shift from Who Do I need to be to Who Am I being Thoughts are electric and feelings are magnetic The Reaction to what is happening is choice Being vs Manifesting I am blessed right now The story of the Thai native The opportunity to be compassionate
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