The Left Attacks Dr. Phil For Allowing Me To Speak 
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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Left is now going after Dr. Phil for allowing me onto his show in the first place. But if they are confident in their position, and if they really believe in their own gender ideology, why should they be so afraid of having the debate? Also, the March For Life takes DC by storm and the Biden Administration has to trot out Tom Hanks to convince the public that his first year in office wasn’t a complete disaster. Plus, an old clip of an MSNBC host saying that your kids don’t belong to you goes viral again. What might we learn from it? And M&Ms are getting a more progressive and inclusive rebranding for the year 2022. With this final piece in place, Utopia awaits.  I am now a self-acclaimed beloved children’s author. Reserve your copy of my new book here:  You petitioned, and we heard you. Made for Sweet Babies everywhere: get the official Sweet Baby Gang t-shirt here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, schools in Virginia will soon be expelling students as young as kindergarten for the crime of “malicious misgendering.” Also, the new White House Press Secretary is black and gay and expects to be applauded for it. She also happens to be terrible at her job....
Published 05/17/22
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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we hijacked the women’s march this weekend to let all of the attendees know about my new film What Is A Woman. Today I’ll play the full trailer for you and we’ll talk about why the film is needed and what we hope to accomplished with it. Also, speaking of why the...
Published 05/16/22