#110 Eve S. Evans | Author | Ghost Stories | The Paranormal | The Moth Man | Big Foot | Supernatural | Haunted Hotels | Crystal Aura | Ghost Hunting
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Today i was able to channel my inner "Art Bell" - the legend.  This was Coast to Coast A.M with The Mental Mastery Alliance. We dove into all kinds of amazing topics and I even feel the show itself was haunted, what with all the strange noises going on.  Definitely check her books out on amazon and her new podcast!  The Ghosts That Haunt Me  I'm looking forward to turning this episode into an arc!  Instagram Facebook Twitter Website
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Today was just me and a microphone!  It had been a while and i wanted to speak openly and candidly. I also wanted to thank the audience for being so amazing! you're all appreciated more than you know!  Website Instagram  facebook
Published 10/15/20
Another amazing conversation with our good friend Brian Staveley from the Dose of Reality. No punches pulled here. A legend of a free thinker!  we very much appreciate his ability to push boundaries and check versions of reality we often just swallow. Make sure to connect with his...
Published 10/06/20
We continued with our ghost stories theme from the last episode.  We had a lot of fun with Kevin Killen Author of Ghosts and Me  You can connect with him on social media or emails here  Instagram  Email You can find us here: Instagram  Facebook Website 
Published 09/25/20