Dave Rubin sits down with Michael Knowles to see how well they think they know each other. They must choose "Yes" or "No" when it comes to cryptocurrency, Ben Shapiro smoking weed, and if being gay helps your career. Check it out!
Published 06/12/21
A major medical journal calls whiteness a disease in search of “a permanent cure,” another major anti-Trump narrative falls apart, and Kamala flops down South.
Published 06/11/21
Nickelodeon tries to trans the kids, Fauci fights back against his critics, and Biden undermines “our democracy.”
Published 06/10/21
NYT editorial board member and imaginative mathematician Mara Gay feels “disturbed” by the American flag, a new study suggests that Trump was right about hydroxychloroquine, and Kamala Harris gets caught in another lie.
Published 06/09/21
Washington State bribes potheads to get the WuFlu vax, Biden promises never to fire Fauci, and the Libertarian Party proves why we can’t have nice things.
Published 06/08/21
A lecturer at Yale fantasizes about shooting white people, Biden ignores D-Day to remember the Tulsa race riot of 1921, and Facebook bans Trump for another two years.
Published 06/07/21
Matt Walsh sits down with Michael Knowles to see how well they think they know each other. They must choose "Yes" or "No" when it comes to aliens, The Pope, and if all parties involved in Porn should be arrested. Check it out!
Published 06/05/21
Dr. Fauci’s book gets pulled off shelves two days after it was announced, the government continues to deny ET, and a high school valedictorian in Texas dedicates her commencement speech to her zeal for killing babies.
Published 06/04/21
Leaked emails from Dr. Fauci show that we were right about this virus from the beginning, a New York accounting program won’t let whites apply, and Ron DeSantis faces a serious challenge for governor in 2022.
Published 06/03/21
Biden claims that white supremacy is the top threat against the U.S., “gender nullification” surgery flattens people’s g******s and turns them into real-life Ken dolls, and the U.S. flies a gay pride flag at the Vatican.
Published 06/02/21
A popular children’s cartoon teams up with a Drag Queen, a first-grade teacher instructs six-year-olds to pleasure themselves, and an Australian journalist exposes Dr. Fauci’s involvement with the origins of the pandemic.
Published 06/01/21
This Memorial Day Kirk Cameron joins the show to discuss the great sacrifice made for our country and his drive for educating the masses on historical truth.
Published 05/31/21
About one year ago, Liz Wheeler went from being everywhere to essentially MIA. But where did she go? Perhaps she was abducted by the UFOs we keep hearing about? Well, find out here firsthand as Liz Wheeler joins the show to discuss motherhood, the state of the country and her new podcast, The Liz Wheeler Show.
Published 05/29/21
New studies and reports suggest that just about everything the experts told us about COVID was wrong, the co-founder of BLM resigns in disgrace, and an anti-cop radio host kills a cop.
Published 05/28/21
The CDC is investigating possible heart problems in young people brought on by the COVID vaccine, Dr. Fauci admits he was wrong about Wuhan Institute funding, and a liberal commentator wants to know your favorite thing about being white.
Published 05/27/21
Can Biden’s daily regimen of Gatorade, PB&J’s, and Flintstone Vitamins really keep him in the tip top cognitive shape we’ve come to expect? Is there a certain number of rockets fired by Hamas at Israeli civilians that would convince the Left they’re on the “wrong side of history?” Because clearly, 3500 isn’t it. And when the UFOs playing peek-a-boo with our military do finally land, will John Cena apologize to our alien overlords for Hollywood’s shame that is The Last Jedi, Battlefield...
Published 05/27/21
Democrats take a break from calling us Nazis to complain that a Republican called them Nazis, conservatives try to win back the country one school board at a time, and John Cena grovels to the ChiComms. 
Published 05/26/21
The media blame Trump for their own coverup of the Wuhan Lab, an increasing number of women are choosing to “de-transition” after “transgender therapy,” and DeSantis takes a big swing at the liberal establishment.
Published 05/25/21
Fauci reverses his stance on COVID’s origins, LeBron flops, and Teen Vogue teaches young girls how to perform witchcraft with their bodily fluids.
Published 05/24/21
Lila Rose joins the show to discuss her new book Fighting for Life: Becoming a Force for Change in a Wounded World.
Published 05/23/21
Steven Crowder joins the show to discuss his most recent strikes from YouTube.
Published 05/22/21
The “1619 Project” founder gets denied tenure at UNC, politicians start paying people to get the COVID vax, and the government pushes UFOs.
Published 05/21/21
Democrats change their tune on property destruction and “mostly peaceful protests,” Demi Lovato identifies as multiple people, and a listener writes in to offer her personal account of the dark side of transgender ideology.
Published 05/20/21
Democrats accuse pro-lifers of sexism and racism as a new abortion case heads to the Supreme Court, Twitter suspends a Spanish politician for observing that men can’t become pregnant, and Fauci admits another misdirection.
Published 05/19/21
Brazil transforms Christ The Redeemer into a massive Dr. Fauci, Eric Clapton complains of a brutal reaction to the vaccine, and France bans woke language.
Published 05/18/21