New Single from Talib Kweli & Madlib: After These Messages
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Check out the new single "After These Messages" from the album Liberation 2, available now--only on Luminary.
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[This episode (aka "Napa, Act 4") was recorded live in 2022 at the Blue Note Jazz Festival.]. "If you’re on the battlefield, you don’t look at your opponent and be like 'I am insecure about things.'...You tell them all the dope shit that you can do." —Dave Chappelle Dave, Talib, and yasiin are...
Published 02/14/24
Published 02/14/24
Comedian Mo Amer, from Season 1 of The Midnight Miracle, invites his friend, the comedian and actor Ramy Youssef onto the mic. Mo, along with Azhar Usman, talk to Ramy about "death denial," and other light AF banter. Ramy shares his greatest accomplishment in life. The Professor shows up to teach...
Published 02/07/24