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Published 04/18/20
How to achieve success in life that's the question you are curious about in this episode you'll learn the most important thing to achieve success
Published 04/13/20
"Think positive and you can do anything, you can achieve anything " This is the phrase we have learned from most successful people and our favorite self help books but the real question is "How to think positive? " So I am answering this question in this episode. I am sharing my 2 best tips/ advices to really think positive
Published 04/11/20
In this episode of mind and motivation I am sharing and inspiring story of swami vivekananda, which will teach you a great life lesson on how to face problems in life Your queries: How to face fear in hindi Dar ko kaise face kare how to deal with anxiety in hindi Tension ko kaise khatm kare how to stop worring and start living Stress free life in hindi
Published 03/30/20
Mind and Motivation podcast is all about self help and personal growth. These short and straight to the point episodes last around 10-20 minutes, just enough time for you to get a jolt of inspiration New episodes every Monday, wednesday & friday
Published 03/28/20
नींद ना आने की समस्या को जड से खत्म करे | Improve your sleep quality You can now ask your questions to me and I'll answer them in upcoming podcast episode https://surveyheart.com/form/5e7c19b389b4d5380b1a6e82 Your queries: how to improve sleep quality in hindi how to improve sleep quality how to improve sleeping habits how to improve sleep cycle Nind na aane ke karan Nind na aane ki vajah Jaldi Nind aane ke liye upay nind na aane par kya kare nind na aane ka ilaj
Published 03/27/20
Once you learn how your mind works and how you can control it then you can achieve anything in life , you can be more happy, you can control your emotions, you achieve extraordinary success, you become better communicator and much much more. So in this episode you'll learn how successful people master their mind. Your queries: How to master mind in hindi how successful people control their mind how to be more self descipline in hindi best hindi motivation best hindi motivational...
Published 03/25/20
हमेशा खुश रहने का Simple तरीका | Happy & positive life In this episode of Mind and Motivation / Daily Motivation we are going to discuss about why you are not happy in your life? if you wanna know Why and want to be more happy and fulfilled in life then simply listen to this episode enjoy❤ Your queries How to be happy Hamesha Khus kaise rahe Gusse ko kaise nikale Happiness Regrets ko kaise kam kare Zindagi mein khushi ko kaise hasil kare
Published 03/23/20
आप खुदको और आपके परिवार को corona virus से कैसे बचाये? In this episode of mind and motivation podcast I am going to give you an expert and practical advice on how to protect your family and yourself from corona virus. The advices you'll hear in this episode are 100% authentic, practical and these advices comes from experts in the health field. These advices will surely help you. Don't forget to share this episode with 5 people you care for if you find this episode helpful Your queries: How...
Published 03/18/20
If you are a youth then I just wanted to ask you a question Are you learning to build a life or you are just building a resume? Ask this question to yourself
Published 03/16/20
3 magical words for stress free and happy life :how to improve communication for happy relationships
Published 03/11/20
We all have some kind of guilt or negative emotions may be that's because someone does something that caused bid problem or loss in our life and that's completely fine every human experiences that but do you know if you don't clear out these emotional garbage from your mind you will be stressed and unhappy for life time. These negative emotions also affects your relationships mental and physical health, peformance and your work. So what's the point of holding on to these negative emotions...
Published 03/04/20
In this podcast episode you'll learn about first magical word and why Being grateful is the key to happy and abundant life that you desire.
Published 03/02/20
Thoughts on self love, self esteem and self confidence.
Published 03/01/20
Happiness is the main goal for every human and we entertain ourselves we feel happy but do you know that their is more powerful way to be happy every single day and that is Celibration
Published 02/26/20
*In this audio master class you'll discover* 🔍👀❗ ✅ The most viral myth about Born talent ✅ What is Born talent? ✅ How to find your born talent? ✅ How to achieve success using your born talent? ✅ what to do if you have no born talent?
Published 02/24/20
All people want to achieve a massive success but reality is even after setting goals, and making action plan on that goals most of us don't achieve the success they deserve In this episode you'll discover Why....?
Published 02/22/20
Why you must have priority and how to find it| Hindi Motivational podcast
Published 02/17/20
In this episode I am sharing a fun experiment that will help you think and feel positive through out your day. just give it a try.. 🏆
Published 02/12/20
In this episode of Mind and Motivation you'll learn about making your everyday perfect💯✨ enjoy❤
Published 01/22/20
In this episode I am sharing 4 things that can make you successful, I learned this 4 things from John C Maxwell's book attitude is everything so just learn and understand these 4 things and apply them in your life and achieve your desired success🏆💪
Published 01/20/20
In this episode of mind and motivation we are going to understand what it meant to be fearless person or leader. So in this episode you'll learn about becoming fearless in life to achieve massive success in your life enjoy❤
Published 01/17/20
How to menifest my dream life is the most common questions searched pn and Internet today, In this episode of Mind and Motivation we are going to talk about law of attraction and the secret book in the most simple way that anyone can easily understand this concept of law of attraction and menifestation enjoy❤ and do share your review and ratings with us
Published 01/15/20
Do you know that saying sorry is the most difficult thing in life, enjoy❤
Published 01/13/20
Click on the following link now to enroll: https://imjo.in/dFUCvp नमस्कार, *Goals Mastery व्हाट्सअप्प कोर्स मे आप सिखोगे:* ◆आपके जीवन केलीये गोल्स सेट करनेका सही तरीका ◆ आपके बडे सपनोको छोटे, achievable और आसान Goals मे कैसे बदले ◆ step by step method आपके Goals को पाने केलीये action plan कैसे बनाये (ज्यादातर लोग उनके goals को पाने केलीये action plan नही बना पाते और वो fail होते है) ◆ आपके बडे Goals को छोटे छोटे daily habits मे कैसे बदले (बोहोत सारे लोग ये नही कर पाते) ◆ पुरे साल Goals पर...
Published 01/10/20