#213: The Mindful Kind // Cultivating Patience
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Hello and welcome to episode 213 of The Mindful Kind podcast.  In this episode, I've answered a great question from one of my listeners about how to become a more patient person.  Here are my top 6 tips for cultivating patience: Tip 1: Practice mindfulness! This practice can help you develop patience over time by letting go of rushing and appreciating the present moment.  Tip 2: Be self-compassionate - sometimes situations that trigger impatience can be really challenging. Give yourself space to feel impatience without judgement. If you would like some guidance in cultivating self-compassion, be sure to check out my Self-Compassion Meditation Album at: www.rachaelkable.com/shop Tip 3: Let go of "should" statements. Tip 4: Take deep breaths to alleviate the intensity of impatience. Tip 5: Ask yourself if being impatient actually helps! You can also ask yourself if there's something more constructive you could be doing to help the situation, rather than just feeling impatient. Tip 6: Change your expectations so you're less likely to feel impatient in the first place. I hope you've enjoyed this episode! Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind. 
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