#226: The Mindful Kind // 5 Strategies to Increase Energy
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Hello and welcome to episode 226 of The Mindful Kind podcast.  After running out of coffee recently, I decided to experiment with other strategies to help boost energy. After trying them all out during the day, I gave each strategy at rating out of 10 so you can easily see what worked the best.  I also started the day by listening to my Good Morning Meditation Album, which you can find here: https://www.rachaelkable.com/good-morning-album Below are the strategies I used to increase my energy: Strategy 1: Spend time outside in the sunshine and fresh air (rating: 8/10) Strategy 2: Snack on healthy foods, like almonds and oranges (rating: 7/10) Strategy 3: Moderate exercise (rating: 8/10) Strategy 4: Cold shower (rating: 5/10) Strategy 5: Do something fun when your energy dips (rating: 10/10) I hope you enjoy trying these strategies out for yourself! Thank you for listening and take care, Mindful Kind. 
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