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When Kevin hooked up with his girlfriend’s friend, he assumed the relationship would end. Antoinette didn’t mind. In fact, she was glad he was dating other people, because that meant she could, too. Humans are capable of so much love, they figured - why limit themselves to just one person? And Ingrid wonders if saying yes to one person means saying no to everyone else? Want to learn more about Polyamory? Kevin's written several books on the topic, including Love's Not Color Blind, a breakdown of how race and polyamory intersect, and For Hire: Operator, a queer, poly POC graphic novel. Support this show by supporting our sponsors! Native - When you visit, use promo code The Moment and take 20% off your order, henny. Sunbasket - Head on over to to get $60 off. Policy Genius - Get insured right from your phone, at
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You might know Carla Hall from her time on Top Chef and as a TV personality on GMA and Netflix’s Crazy Delicious. But, the biggest moments in Carla’s life have come when she decided to face adversity head on. Her motto is ”say yes” to everything life throws your way. In her new Wondery podcast,...
Published 09/15/20
The Daily Smile shares heartwarming stories from all kinds of individuals all over the globe. Host Nikki Boyer recently sat down with Emmy Award Winning host of Netflix’s hit show, Queer Eye, Karamo Brown to discuss how he’s making the best of the moment by using it as a time to support and...
Published 08/10/20
Blood Ties Season 2 will be available tomorrow! Blood Ties is a scripted audio drama starring Gillian Jacobs, Josh Gad, Dominic Monaghan, Amy Landecker, and Wayne Knight.   After the sudden death of Michael and Eleonore Richland’s billionaire father, disturbing allegations emerge about his dark...
Published 07/14/20