Ep 131 – The Winter Weight Gain Trap (For Women Over 40)
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A lot of women we speak to regain all the weight they lost during the rest of the year over the few months before Christmas, meaning long-term they never actually lose weight – they just lose and regain the same stone or two over and over again. We don’t want that to happen to you […]
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We love Christmas, but when you’re surrounded by chocolate, mulled wine, G&T’s, mince pies, champagne and pigs in blankets, it can feel impossible not to get carried away and eat too much. However, it is possible to avoid gaining weight over Christmas, as the majority of our Fit Over 40...
Published 11/26/21
Losing weight is harder for women over 40, especially if you’re still following the approaches that used to work for you in your 20s and 30s. Your body is changing, and you need a new approach that’s works with those changes, rather than against them! In today’s episode TRINITY Co-Founders Rob...
Published 11/18/21