Ep 132 – The Truth About Menopause with Bev Thorogood
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In this episode, Rob is joined by menopause expert Bev Thorogood to discuss exactly what menopause is, when it starts to happen (Hint: it’s earlier than most people think!), what the biggest misconceptions are, and how anyone can manage menopause in and out of work to ensure it doesn’t hold you back from the life […]
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In this episode Rob is joined by menopause expert and midlife coach Bev Thorogood. This was first an episode recorded by Bev for her podcast Generation Exceptional. In this episode we talk about why it’s harder to lose weight as a woman over 40 (and what you can do about it, so you can still […]
Published 12/03/21
We love Christmas, but when you’re surrounded by chocolate, mulled wine, G&T’s, mince pies, champagne and pigs in blankets, it can feel impossible not to get carried away and eat too much. However, it is possible to avoid gaining weight over Christmas, as the majority of our Fit Over 40...
Published 11/26/21