Chad talks with Essence about her abusive relationship and the coercive control that almost pushed her into ending her own life. Essence didn't recognize herself anymore and she was sent spiralling down a deep hole that she didn't think she'd ever be able to climb her way out from. However, she's currently dealing with PTSD and finding her way back. *** Suicicde is discussed at 1:04:10 until 1:05:25 for those who want to skip that section *** *** Our facebook support group is...
Published 01/20/20
Jewelz comes back to the show and interviews Chad about his experience with a high-conflict and vindictive former neighbor. They discuss what is was like to be a prisoner in your own home, patience, feeling stuck, disengagement, being proactive behind the scenes, and being properly prepared for the possibility of going to court. Plus, they have a few good laughs along the way. **** Our Facebook Support Group can be found at facebook.com/groups/narcissistapocalypse **** Special Guest: Jewlez.
Published 01/13/20
Chad talks with Jaws about her abusive relationship with a very jealous, manipulative, and controlling narcissist. She shares her insights into her proactive behaviors and how she lost herself by trying to prove her loyalty throughout the relationship. They also discuss mirroring, happiness, divorce, and co-parenting. **** To join our Facebook Support Group go to facebook.com/groups/narcissistapocalypse.com **** Special Guest: Jaws.
Published 01/06/20
Chad talks with Doris about her relationship with a very reactive physical abuser and the struggle to break free from domestic violence. They discuss changing hoover tactics as a way to confuse, being damned if you do and damned if you don't, protecting your children by any means necessary, the broken court system, and much, much, more. **** Our Facebook Support Group can be found at facebook.com/groups/narcissistapocalypse and the articl ementioned in this podcast can be found at...
Published 12/30/19
Chad talks with Delilah about her abusive marriage and how her husband used her children as pawns just to spite her. Like most survivors of abuse, Delilah ignored many of the red flags, found herself deep into an abusive relationship, and felt that she had no way out. Delilah's story is one of sobriety, community, hope, and a miracle of a relationship strategy that reversed her misfortunes. Special Guest: Delilah.
Published 12/23/19
Chad talks with Maxim about getting plucked from a Ukrainian Orphanage at the age of ten and the confusion of being adopted by a new family in the United States. Maxim bravely tells his story of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of his new parents, which eventually led to a suicide attempt. However, against all odds, Maxim has created a new life for himself and is currently at peace with his past. It's an extraordinary story about the power of unconditional love. **** Our Facebook...
Published 12/16/19
Chad talks with Saarah about being raised in a dysfunctional home and her six abusive relationship with her controlling husband. From devaluation, to proactive discrediting, to gaslighting, to the loss of her identity.....Saarah endured it all and more. But fortunately, Saarah has made it out to the other side of her healing process and is quite the inspiration for us all. **** Come join our Facebook Support Group at facebook.com/groups/narcissistapocalypse **** Special Guest: Saarah.
Published 12/09/19
Chad talks with Jenna Lee about her abusive relationship with a sadistic firefighter that just wanted to control her. Unbeknownst to Jenna Lee, her former partner created a trust bond through the use of his profession, love bombing, and extreme mirroring. And once this bond was created, the devaluation began, and his true motives of control came to light. It was quite the methodical breakdown. **** Come Join Our Facebook Group at facebook.com/groups/narcissistapocalypse **** Special Guest:...
Published 12/02/19
Chad and his old pal Melissa listen to unsent 'Letters To My Narcissist' that they received from a handful of courageous narcissistic abuse survivors. It's an emotional roller coaster of an episode that will make you laugh and cry, with some goosebumps in between. Prepare to be impacted. *** TRIGGER WARNING - Letter One dicusses sexual abuse and child sexual abuse. If this is a trigger for you, please skip to letter two. *** Our Facebook Group can be found at...
Published 11/25/19
Chad talks with Rachel about her confusing relationship with a narcissist who helped her get sober and then almost drove her back to drinking. They discuss this ultimate trust building event, and then the devaluation/boundary testing that followed. Plus, they touch on the subjects of attachment, trickle truthing, sobriety, supply, divine intervention, and so much more. **** You can find Rachel on Instagram @wholehumanheart to find out more about addiction and recovery **** Our Facebook Group...
Published 11/18/19
Chad talks with Diamond about growing up in a dysfunctional family with an emotionally disturbed brother and an abusive mother. Diamond's mother used sarcasm and mocking as a way to implant negative beliefs to destroy Diamond from the inside out. This episode discusses parentification, addiction, self-doubt, trust, proactive discrediting, and much more. Plus, there's even a middle of the night escape story. Diamond has made it through to the other side, and her resiliency is quite inspiring....
Published 11/11/19
Chad talks with Alex about the 15 years of devaluation he endured at the hands of his narcissistic ex-wife. While Alex was the best family man he could be, his ex-wife exploited his love of family to devalue and control him every way. Alex's story is equal parts unbelievable, yet very relatable at its core. Special Guest: Alex.
Published 11/04/19
Chad talks to Jenny about being raised by her overbearing father, who saw her as the holy grail of narcissistic supply. They touch on the subjects of addiction, perfectionism, feeling responsible for other people's feelings, mirroring, walking on eggshells, enmeshment, nitpicking, EMDR Therapy, and so much more. Even if you're not a child of a narcissist, you'll find many things you can learn from in this episode. * Our Facebook Group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/narcissistapocalypse...
Published 10/28/19
Chad talks with Billy Jean about her current marriage to a controlling narcissist and how she's gaining the strength to leave him. Plus, they discuss her serial narcissist dating history and how growing up in a dysfunctional home created an environment for her to tolerate abusive behavior. Billy Jean's awareness of these patterns has given her a sense of empowerment, and her road to self-discovery will inspire you. * Our Facebook Group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/narcissistapocalypse...
Published 10/21/19
Chad talks with Grace about her abusive relationship with a narcissist and the issues she's dealt with in the aftermath. They discuss validation, addiction, setting an example for children, understanding your own behavior, trust issues (with others and yourself), and the importance of resetting yourself as you try to baby-step yourself out of your safety zone. There are a lot of lessons to be learned in this episode, so take a listen. * Our Facebook Group is...
Published 10/14/19
Melissa talks with Chad about growing up in a dysfunctional family and the impact it had on him throughout his life. The roles are reversed in this episode as Chad discusses his family role and breaks down the traits/behaviors that he needed to survive. However, many of those traits/behaviors didn't serve him as an adult, so they discuss how they hindered him and the difficulty in undoing them. Plus, they discuss validation, self-esteem, boundaries, trust, and so much more. ****...
Published 10/07/19
Chad talks with Jewelz about her romantic relationship with a lifelong friend that eventually became a nightmare. Jewelz tells her heartbreaking story with one heck of a sense of humor and has Chad laughing throughout the entire conversation. It's one of those stories that keeps on getting crazier as the lies this narcissist told were off the charts. Trust me when I say this, you're going to love Jewelz. **Help us raise money for Leyla (July 22nd Episode) to get Trauma Therapy for year. She's...
Published 09/30/19
Chad talks with Annie about her abusive relationship with a deaf narcissist and the triangulation that occurred with his deaf brother. It's a story about how a terrible man used his disability to lower the guard of his unsuspecting victim. Annie still holds a lot of shame for her perceived role, even though she did nothing wrong, and this episode is an excellent reminder to 'be easy on yourself' for everyone else out there who is feeling the same way. Trigger Warning- Strong Sexual Language...
Published 09/23/19
Chad talks with LJ about growing up in a dysfunctional household and co-parenting after abuse. We discuss her narcissistic mother, addiction, codependency, co-parenting, physical abuse, boundary setting, loss of identity, and even her own struggles with borderline personality disorder. LJ is working hard to grow from this experience and to live her best life. Come take a listen to her story. *Our Facebook Group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/narcissistapocalypse Special Guest: LJ.
Published 09/16/19
Chad talks with Julie about her back-to-back narcissistic relationships and growing up with a narcissistic mother. It's an interesting conversation as Julie's done a lot of work on herself to get to where she is today. She's strong, resilient, and a good role model for all of us. Prepare to feel empowered. *Our Facebook Group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/narcissistapocalypse Special Guest: Julie.
Published 09/09/19
Chad talks with Sunny about being in a physically abusive relationship and the connection of growing up in a narcissist abuse riddled household. It's a story with many turns and touches on her loneliness, fear, guilt, shame, intuition, and the power of having someone outside her family validate her experience. Plus, they horse around and discuss online role-playing, Chad's Canadian accent, and her wonderful roommate named Barry. And trust us when we say this, everyone needs a Barry in their...
Published 09/02/19
Chad talks with Irene about her traumatic eight-year relationship with a narcissist and the CPTSD that followed. From love bombing to triangulation to cheating to flying monkeys, to emotional, physical, and financial abuse, Irene went through it all. And even though the relationship is now over, Irene still has issues with traumatic flashbacks and is working hard to overcome the pain of her abuse. Special Guest: Irene.
Published 08/26/19
Chad talks with Chantel about growing up with a narcissistic mother and her current struggles with perfectionism and judgment. The inner critic in Chantel's head won't let her relax, and even though she's been working on it, it's been quite a battle. Special Guest: Chantel.
Published 08/19/19
Chad talks with Elizabeth about her relationship with a narcissist in sheep's clothing and the devastating effects it had on her psyche. They discuss the difficulty of suffering in silence, shame, validation, financial abuse, PTSD, and the pain of a hard discard. It's a visceral episode. Trigger Warning - Strong Language Special Guest: Elizabeth.
Published 08/12/19
Chad talks with Helen, a Domestic Violence/Divorce Attorney & Narcissist Abuse Survivor, about the steps abuse victims need to take when divorcing someone with a Narcissistic Personality or other High Conflict Personalities. Helen gives a thorough rundown about the role of an attorney and how the use of documentation is the most effective way to present your case. She also discusses how the legal system thinks when it comes to protection orders, divorce, and custody issues. Plus, Helen...
Published 08/09/19