Chad talks with Irene about her traumatic eight-year relationship with a narcissist and the CPTSD that followed. From love bombing to triangulation to cheating to flying monkeys, to emotional, physical, and financial abuse, Irene went through it all. And even though the relationship is now over, Irene still has issues with traumatic flashbacks and is working hard to overcome the pain of her abuse. Special Guest: Irene.
Published 08/26/19
Chad talks with Chantel about growing up with a narcissistic mother and her current struggles with perfectionism and judgment. The inner critic in Chantel's head won't let her relax, and even though she's been working on it, it's been quite a battle. Special Guest: Chantel.
Published 08/19/19
Chad talks with Elizabeth about her relationship with a narcissist in sheep's clothing and the devastating effects it had on her psyche. They discuss the difficulty of suffering in silence, shame, validation, financial abuse, PTSD, and the pain of a hard discard. It's a visceral episode. Trigger Warning - Strong Language Special Guest: Elizabeth.
Published 08/12/19
Chad talks with Helen, a Domestic Violence/Divorce Attorney & Narcissist Abuse Survivor, about the steps abuse victims need to take when divorcing someone with a Narcissistic Personality or other High Conflict Personalities. Helen gives a thorough rundown about the role of an attorney and how the use of documentation is the most effective way to present your case. She also discusses how the legal system thinks when it comes to protection orders, divorce, and custody issues. Plus, Helen...
Published 08/09/19
Chad talks with Janeith about her underhanded narcissistic husband, her children, and the broken court system. Janeith didn't fully comprehend what her husband was capable of until she had her two children taken away from her, and she's been fighting a broken court system ever since. It's a stark reminder that you need to prepare for the worst when filing for a divorce against someone with narcissistic traits. To read her blog, go to theweepymom.blogspot.com Special Guest: Janeith.
Published 08/05/19
Chad talks with Allie about growing up with a narcissistic father, parentification, and the loss of her identity. Plus, they experiment with some art therapy and talk themselves through their validation issues while they draw. It's an experimental episode that digs a little deeper as they discuss their insecurities, slowing down, and the need to embrace failure. If you're into this kinda stuff, it's a fun episode. Special Guest: Allie.
Published 07/29/19
On this wonderful and informative episode, Chad asks all the questions YOU LISTENERS sent in, and the awesome Shirin Peykar (narcissistic abuse/divorce therapist specialist) answers them. From co-parenting to raising children, to healing, to reinventing your life, Shirin answered them all. You can reach her at talkwithshirin.com and if you want to discuss this episode further, come to https://www.reddit.com/r/NarcissistApocalypse/ Special Guest: Shirin.
Published 07/26/19
Chad talks with Leyla about her abusive marriage to a narcissistic police officer and the power he wielded over her due to his authority in society. It's a scary story that resembles something you'd only see in the movies. However, for Leyla, this was and still is her reality until the court case against him is resolved. Trigger Warning. This episode discusses physical abuse. Special Guest: Leyla.
Published 07/22/19
Chad talks to Paige about growing up with a covert narcissist mother and having no support system to rely upon. At one point, Paige found herself sleeping in her car with nowhere to go, but through her inner strength, she persevered. Paige is now on the healing side of her experience and has done it all on her own. She should be very proud of herself, and she's a real inspiration for those of us that were raised in narcissistic households. Special Guest: Paige.
Published 07/15/19
Chad talks with Lexie about being adopted by a narcissistic mother and her life as the primary scapegoat amongst her ten siblings. It's a real testament to Lexie's strength/faith that she's on the other side of her healing process and doing quite well. It's a sad story but a fun conversation, as they also discuss the Twilight films of all things. Oh, and Chad gets enlightened by her too. It really is a great episode. Special Guest: Lexie.
Published 07/09/19
Chad talks with David about being raised by a physically/mentally abusive narcissistic father and his own identity struggles as an adult. David's story is one of perseverance and strength as the many offshoots from his upbringing made his adult life very challenging. For most people, it's challenging to understand how someone might not have a sense of who they are or what they even like, but if you listen to David's story, you'll finally understand how this can happen. *Trigger Warning*...
Published 07/06/19
Chad talks to Olivia about the abuse she endured during her traumatic relationship with a narcissist and the psychological issues that developed in the aftermath, which include PTSD and OCD. And remarkably, through this all, Olivia is now positively reframing her experience as a way to heal and to work on her lifelong people pleasing/boundary issues. *Trigger Warning -This episode discusses sexual assault and has uncomfortable language. Special Guest: Olivia.
Published 07/02/19
Chad talks with Jana about her traumatic 12-year marriage to a narcissist and the trust issues that developed with her daughters in the aftermath. Plus, they discuss the awareness of codpendency as part of the healing process. Special Guest: Jana.
Published 06/29/19
Chad has his old pal Melissa back on the show to read unsent 'Letters To My Narcissist' that were written by a handful of courageous narcissist abuse survivors. They also discuss their own letters, their lives, Oprah, gift giving, and much, much more. It's a powerful and cathartic episode which has a bunch of laughs too. We'd like to thank everyone from Reddit who took part, as well as Rachel Pollock, and Kristen Milstead from Fairtytaleshadows.com Special Guest: Melissa.
Published 06/25/19
Chad talks to Sofia about going No Contact with her narcissistic mother and sister. Plus, they discuss somatic healing, the benefit of creating physical distance, how no contact isn't for everyone, the sadness of our family realities, and much, much, more. It sounds depressing, but it's actually a fun episode with lots of laughs, as Sofia goes from guest to host towards the end. Oh, and even Alanis Morissette is discussed in this episode. It's got everything. Special Guest: Sofia.
Published 06/21/19
Chad talks with Sara about her psychologically damaging relationship with a malignant narcissist while simultaneously dealing with many other stressful life events. The fact that she made it through is a testament to her bravery and strength. There are a lot of twists and turns to this story, so stay tuned to the end. Sara is proof that this could happen to anyone. Special Guest: Sara.
Published 06/18/19
Chad talks with Kat about moving across the country to be with her seemingly normal partner, only to find out that she was the prey of a very controlling narcissist, who was most likely a sociopath. In this conversation, we discuss how Kat's partner took advantage of her vulnerability, how Kat's narcissist created a very jail like controlling environment, love and what love is not, and how Kat is coping in the aftermath of it all. Special Guest: Kat.
Published 06/14/19
Chad talks with Jodee Prouse about her memoir, The Sun Is Gone, which is the story of her life as the sister of an addict and the fixer for all her family problems. And it wasn't until the memoir was complete, that Jodee realized that she had been the daughter to a narcissistic mother the whole time. It's a conversation about codependency, learned helplessness, and taking your life back. Plus, Chad discusses the Enneagram Personality Test and correctly predicts Jodee's type/subtype because...
Published 06/11/19
Chad talks with Pierre about his relationship with a narcissist and how it drove him to near madness. Pierre was once a very confident human being, but within months, the narcissist he was dating destroyed his self-esteem, and he began to second guess everything about himself. He was completely blindsided and is still feeling the effects to this day.
Published 06/07/19
Chad and Melissa comically break down the narcissistic tendencies of Ross Geller from the TV show 'Friends,' and they come to the conclusion that he isn't the lovable loser that he seems to be. Somehow they end up talking about the TV Show '13 Reasons Why' which somehow morphs into discussing Blink-182, which then gets them on the topic of narcissism in the music industry, but eventually they get back to Ross Geller again and how much he sucks as a human being. It's a fun episode. Special...
Published 06/04/19
Chad talks with Ana about her two-year relationship with a narcissist and the discovery of her codependency issues. Even though Ana suffered trauma from her relationship, through her hard work, she's been able to delve deep into her past and discover herself for the very first time. If you're codependent or not, prepare to be inspired. Special Guest: Ana.
Published 06/01/19
Chad talks with Louise about her twenty-five-year marriage to a narcissist and the dysfunction/distrust it bred within their family unit. Louise's life is still a work in progress since she left her marriage, but her journey since then is nothing short of miraculous. She is truly an inspiring person and a beacon of hope for anyone that doesn't feel like they're strong enough to have a life post-narcissist, due to all of the mental abuse endured over the years. Special Guest: Louise.
Published 05/29/19
Chad talks with Meriam about her eight-year marriage to a malignant narcissist and the story is so unbelievable that it can only be true. Meriam discusses the traumatic events of her relationship that were so carefully orchestrated by her ex-husband that it left Chad speechless. And to top it all off, this story is also about how the justice system can manipulated and how it desperately needs to change. Special Guest: Meriam.
Published 05/26/19
Chad talks with The Countess about her confusing experience of dating a narcissist in sheep's clothing and the devastating effects it had on her perception of reality. It's a conversation that's actually full of laughs as The Countess and Chad both combat their pain with the use of humor. They also discuss Platoon, The Naked Gun, Massage, The Enneagram, Somatic Therapy, and so much more. They may have been strangers before the podcast, but by the end, they were like friends that had known...
Published 05/23/19
On this episode, Chad talks with Jennifer about her emotionally abusive marriage to a narcissist and how she co-parents with him, now that they're divorced. Plus, they discuss her ex-husband's narcissistic mother, the struggles of not being able to go 'No Contact,' new significant others, and the importance of putting your child first, especially when you're afraid for your child's well being in the narcissists care. Special Guest: Jennifer.
Published 05/20/19