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The Alliance of American Football is not the first to try and set up a second football league. In the past half century, the Alliance is the 5th challenger to the NFL’s throne. That means roughly every 10 years an upstart takes a shot at winning its piece of the football pie. This February 9th the AAF will add its name to the list of gridiron upstarts, learning from the mistakes of those that came before to try and do something so much harder than it sounds and give America what it wants. Football.
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Sports Illustration has been around as long as organized sports have. From Olympians on Grecian urns to our modern digital drawings, illustration expresses something no camera can capture: the entirety of sport in a single frame.
Published 12/27/18
Who is the greatest college football team of all time? They hail from Tennessee, but it’s not the Vols. Rather it's the 1899 Sewanee Tigers, who after beating 5 teams in 6 days by a collective score of 91-0 were known simply as the “Iron Men.” Here's their story.
Published 12/03/18
From 1914 through the nineteen fifties, a religious colony called the House of David took the baseball world by barnstorm, traveling the country, selling out stadiums, and beating everyone from local teams to World Series Champs. Barred from the major leagues on religious grounds, the “Jesus boys...
Published 08/02/18