Best Of: Little Big E
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Episode 7: Big E’s old roommate, Rashad Dunn, joins the group to tell the most embarrassing stories imaginable about Big E’s college days, old car and rom-com viewing habits. Plus, the guys recount their bout with “ringpostitis." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 05/23/22
Episode 35: It's time to dive into another fan mailbag, but not before the guys argue about the Rocky movies with a couple of impromptu guests. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Published 05/23/22
Episode 34: You've heard stories of Kofi Kingston's past, but there's a certain level of familiarity that only a college roommate can convey. Fernando Tamayo is here to shed more light on "the real Kofi" -- and to explain why you should never ask him to share his pizza. Learn more about your ad...
Published 05/16/22