BIG Mama Bear Rat
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NYC in Closeup, 2021 - Cannibalistic rats; Mothers killing their babies; men raping their wives; perspective, etc.
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From the smallest room in New York City... Comes the show that gives you a reason to live. NYC reporter and author (Last Days of New York) Seth Barron recently joined me for an irreverent discussion about crimes and criminals in New York City.
Published 07/24/21
Bizarre suicide in the Bronx leaves a man's head on the sidewalk to take one last look around at hell; A dirt bike crew is suspected of shooting a guy in the head 4 times and stealing his car, the man survives; A look at New York's chilling public cemetery for the unclaimed; A DoorDash driver is...
Published 07/19/21
in Violent Brooklyn, a mom throws her two small kids from the second floor, then JUMPS down to beat them more. Plus more wild crime stories from the pages of the tabloids; comedian and crime reporter Pat dixon flips through the local papers with NYC lawyer Anthony Loman.
Published 06/24/21