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The motley range of games we got into over the holidays includes Card Shark, Dota 2, Sky: Children of the Light, and COD: Warzone 2.0 and DMZ. (Next stop: Escape From Tarkov.) Also: new year's etiquette, 3DS archeology, the YouTube recommendations challenge, and more! Advertise on The Nextlander Podcast at, or support us on Patreon! CHAPTERS (00:00:00) NOTE: Some timecodes may be inaccurate in versions other than the ad-free Patreon version due to dynamic ad insertions. Please use caution if skipping around to avoid spoilers.(00:00:10) Intro(00:03:43) When is it too late to wish someone a Happy New Year(00:06:35) How are these kids getting a 3DS?!(00:12:56) Show Rundown(00:13:16) Upgrading that PS5!(00:20:03) Pentiment [Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC (Microsoft Windows)] on Nov 15, 2022(00:20:25) NOTE: Some light story structure talk about Pentiment throughout. Nothing explicit.(00:31:37) First Break(00:31:50) The Case of the Golden Idol [PC (Microsoft Windows)] on Oct 13, 2022(00:35:45) Card Shark [Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows)] on Jun 02, 2022(00:39:31) Grounded [Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One] on Sep 27, 2022(00:44:01) Vampire Survivors [Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One] on Nov 10, 2022(00:47:11) Dota 2 [PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, Linux] on Jul 09, 2013(00:52:43) Sky: Children of the Light [PlayStation 4] on Dec 2022(00:57:22) Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 [PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S] on Nov 16, 2022(01:06:59) Second Break(01:07:04) News(01:08:06) Epic pays $520 million in settlements(01:15:14) Epic also shutting down some online services and games(01:24:48) John Carmack leaves Meta and has some words(01:29:42) Chris Metzen returns to World of Warcraft(01:35:42) Hitman 3 enters a World of Assassination(01:41:37) Emails [podcast at nextlander dot com](01:52:18) Oh yeah? What's in your YouTube recommended list?!(01:58:05) Wrapping up and thanks(01:59:04) Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts(02:01:01) Nextlander content updates(02:01:35) See ya! See for privacy information.
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This week we've all finished Mortal Kombat 1 and it's time for a mini-spoilercast! Also, Brad played the impressive looking Alan Wake 2, Alex played the Remedy-esque El Paso, Elsewhere, Vinny's way into Chants of Sennaar, Unity has (kind of) cleaned up its mess, and more! Advertise on The...
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Well, you know, probably not much happened while we were away, it'll just be a nice casual chat this week about the biggest leak of Xbox business operations maybe ever, Unity's ongoing destruction of its business model, a deep lore dive on the release of Mortal Kombat 1, the excellence of F-Zero...
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