Nick recalls a big day in the YouTube livestream series.
Published 01/18/22
Nick shifts to thinking about docking Siletzia 50 million years ago.
Published 12/31/21
Nick wonders about the significance of docking Wrangellia.
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Nick shares his latest format - with excitement.
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Nick shares a new idea…
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Nick crashed a recent Grand Coulee Ice Age Floods field trip.
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Nick reports on the recent GSA meeting in Portland, Oregon.
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Nick reports on a recent trip to British Columbia.
Published 10/05/21
Nick explores Highway 20 through the North Cascades.
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Nick returns to his old stomping grounds in Idaho.
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Nick recalls filming at Lodgestick Bluff.
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Nick reports on his various activities of Summer 2021.
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Nick recaps his recent North Cascades visit.
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Nick talks about his connection with Randy Lewis.
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Nick talks about the mysterious Challis Magmas.
Published 06/28/21
Nick shares new research on the Chumstick Formation.
Published 06/18/21
Nick uses sedimentary units to document Siletzia accretion.
Published 06/16/21
Nick reports on a memorable day at Steamboat Rock.
Published 05/24/21
Nick shares new work on an old Hot Spot.
Published 05/04/21
Nick shares new work on the earliest Columbia River Basalts.
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Nick dwells on magmas near ocean trenches.
Published 02/24/21
Nick talks large igneous provinces.
Published 02/17/21
Nick looks at evidence that supports moving plutons.
Published 02/15/21
Nick talks plutons in Canada, USA, & Mexico.
Published 02/10/21