The Nifty Show #40 - The Good, Bad and Ugly of NFTs
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With the increased interest in NFTs and SO much to talk about, we are expanding The Nifty Show broadcasts to twice/week! The new Tuesday show will be focused on The Nifty News, and to kick it off we bring you a re-airing of the latest episode of The Bad Crypto Podcast, where we discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of the NFT world.  Be sure to subscribe and join us live every Friday at 5 pm EST / 2 pm EST at  See for privacy information.
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Are NFT collectibles the future of trading cards or a big hype bubble that will soon burst? Over $8 billion is staked into Binance for Alien World’s Trillium token. The Sandlot is coming to the NFT world. And speaking of baseball, Topps has finally gone major league. We’ll be joined by William...
Published 04/14/21
Extremely HUGE Nifty Show today! We've got BitBoy Crypto, Quidd App, Bad Days and .gems for a packed episode - What? It all happens here on the Top #NFT show in the Universe! @WAX_io See for privacy information.
Published 04/10/21
It’s another big week in Niftyville and there just isn’t enough time to discuss it all. Two coinbase employees exchanged NFT rings with their wedding vows. Topps is getting ready to go public. Atari releases a new wave of digital collectibles. And the overly attached girlfriend NFT sells for an...
Published 04/06/21