The Nifty Show #46 - Topps MLB and Nifty News
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Are NFT collectibles the future of trading cards or a big hype bubble that will soon burst? Over $8 billion is staked into Binance for Alien World’s Trillium token. The Sandlot is coming to the NFT world. And speaking of baseball, Topps has finally gone major league. We’ll be joined by William Quigley to discuss the most anticipated sportsball NFTs of the year. Conjugate the verb “Nifty”. I Nifty. You Nifty. He Nifties. She nifties. We nifty. You nifty. They nifty. Zir nifties. It’s the Nifty news episode #46 of The Nifty Show.  ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW:    Coin Gecko NFT charts -   CURRENT EVENTS Are NFT collectibles the new trading cards or a hype bubble soon to burst? Is The NFT Craze Over?   INNOVATION The Next Big Thing in NFTs: Breaking Them Apart   GAMING Mythical Games will launch NFT marketplace for Blankos Block Party $8 Billion+ Staked into Binance for Trilium (TLM); largest decentralized app in world   SPORTS Topps baseball card maker and MLB will issue official NFTs Tom Brady is launching an NFT company College basketball star, Iowa's Luka Garza, on launching his NFT ART Christie’s Former ‘Rainmaker’ Brings NFTs to Fine Art Collectors   MUSIC Winklevoss Twins Nab Virtual Real Estate in 'NFT Metaverse' The Sandbox   ENTERTAINMENT The Cast of The Sandlot Announce Limited Edition Digital Baseball Cards   INTERVIEW WITH WILLIAM QUIGLEY   See for privacy information.
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