Episode 220 - Life Is a Vapor with Micah McElveen
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After a near-death experience, how do you return to life? For Micah McElveen, it took almost losing his life to begin to live fully alive. After diving head first into a wave as a teen, Micah found his story taking an unexpected turn due to a near fatal injury. In what can only be explained as a miracle, God gave Micah a second-chance at life and the realization that life was truly a vapor. It was from the difficult journey through the physical, emotional and spiritual pain that God showed Micah the purpose He had for him. Years later, Micah began a world-changing ministry called Vapor that serves the most marginalized and in need people around the globe through clean water, medical care and meeting other physical needs while sharing the gospel. It is through that work and his own story of suffering that Micah has been given a unique perspective on what it means to live fully alive, how to find purpose when life threatens to take it away, and the importance of caring for the least of these in the world. Davey sits down with Micah for an important conversation that will help you look at your own story and know that you are alive to make a difference.   Website: www.micahmcelveen.com ; www.vaporministries.org Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/micahmcelveen/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MicahMcElveen/ ; https://www.facebook.com/VprMinistries Book: Dying for Purpose: Light for the Lost, Directions for the Found
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