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"What if I told you, you could make $10,000 in three days?" Richard Wiswall of Cate Farm, Vermont and author of The Organic Farmer's Business Handbook joins Jesse to make the case for paying as much attention to the business of farming as we do the growing. He talks about having a cooperative mindset, the hidden costs of direct marketing, dropping loss leaders, doing market research, the power of a smiple crop-budget and cost-benefit analysis, and goes deep on plant sales. Mentioned in the show... The Organic Farmer's Business Handbook (get it directly from Richard, folks) Deep Root Organic Cooperative Beet Clock record-keeping app Automatic soil-blocker Folks who make the show possible... RIMOL Greenhouses quality greenhouses and high-tunnels. Growers & Co durable farmwear, quality hand tools, and a beautiful small-farm publication. BCS America two-wheel tractors and implements. Farmers Web farm marketing managment software. You, our listeners. Help us keep our work free for everyone by supporting our work on Patreon or No-Till Growers and pick up a copy of The Living Soil Handbook if you haven't already. And a grant from Southern SARE. Here's the obligatory... This material is based upon work that is supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, under award number 2020-38640-31521 through the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program under project number LS21-348. USDA is an equal opportunity employer and service provider. The goal of this grant is to provide context and technique to the four primary principles of soil health.
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