Gerry Ross - Kupa'a Farms
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This week Gerry Ross joins the show from the dry side of Maui to talk about tropical farming in an arid climate, about 14 years straight of CSA deliveries, boosting organic matter quickly, and a whole lot else. 
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What a joy, we're so happy to bring you this conversation with Cheyenne Sundance of Sundance Harvest in Toronto, Canada. She and Jesse talk about constructed raised bed greenhouse production/growing, expanding to 1.5 acres, collaborating on Winter CSA, being real about you and your farm (it ain't...
Published 01/17/22
The Farm Spreadsheet Master, Dan Brisebois of Tourne Sol Cooperative Farm, joins me on the show today to talk about one of the most underutilized tools on small farms (hint, it's spreadsheets), how to apply it to a seed growing enterprise, setting limits to improve prioritization and quality of...
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