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Measuring crop profitability, working with chefs, staff management, and more!  Follow Oliver's work: http://www.ramarrofarm.com.au Instagram: http://www.ramarrofarm.com.au Mikey: https://www.instagram.com/mikey_nuffieldresearch/ Sponsors: Curlys Ag: http://curlysag.com Active Vista http://activevista.com.au/
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Robin and Peter join Mikey Densham to chat about seeds in the market garden, the importance of biodiversity in the farm space, photosynthesis, biodynamics, and more!  Site: www.transitionfarm.com Follow Mikey www.instagram.com/mikey_densham Sponsors:...
Published 10/18/21
Introducing SEASON 2 of the WINTER GROWERS PODCAST with Clara Coleman of Four Season Farm. Subscribe to the Winter Growers podcast feed for the rest of the season wherever you listen to yours. Vera Fabian and Gordon Jenkins of Ten Mothers Farm in Cedar Grove, NC join host Clara Coleman to talk...
Published 10/13/21
Rod Bruin joins the Mikey to chat about over 40 years of farming int he sub tropics, managing consistently heavy rainfalls and wind events, an innovative compost spreader, and more.  Site: https://summitorganics.com.au instagram: https://www.instagram.com/summitorganics/ Mikey:...
Published 10/11/21