#34 - Nursing Shifts
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For this episode, I’m going in depth on nursing shifts and how 3 12’s affects nurses. I’m still on the road with my husband Brett with two T’s for the last stretch of my PTO Comedy Tour! We’re recording in Denver, which reminds me of some memorable hikes I’ve taken in Colorado. I have a few favorite things, including the breadsticks at Olive Garden and Insomnia Cookies! Sponsor us? After some bowel movement talk, I jump into different nursing shifts including the most common 3 12’s schedule. The appeal of flexibility has definitely changed over time, and is it safe? Sometimes shifts can stretch as long as 16 hours! Overtime laws vary by state, but there are a lot of nurses who are forced to work mandatory overtime. I get into short staffing, on-call shifts, and what nurses are currently going through at their hospitals. Advocate for patients and the nurses that care for them. To close out I’m reading shoutouts submitted on my website nurseblake.com/podcast. Each week we will take on a new nursing topic and bring up questions and stories submitted by our listeners. Enter for a chance to win through the free NurseCon app, the ultimate nursing organization! https://www.nursecon.com/ SUPPORT THE PODCAST BY SUBSCRIBING Thanks for listening!
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Published 06/02/22
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Published 01/06/22